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  • posted Cloud-free Peeple?

    When I initially backed, I didn't realize that it would be connected to a cloud service; is there any way the Peeple can operate independently of ? If my internet is out but I'm in my bedroom, I'd still like to be able to see who's at the door. If, ten years down the road, the Peeple people have moved on and are sunsetting the Peeple servers, I'd still like my Peeple to work. If I'm security-paranoid and don't want my front door to be cloud-connected, I'd still like to be able to use my device.

  • posted Time for a new adhesive.

    The 3 little tabs we included for sticking Peeple to your glass just aren't cutting it. We have been testing adhesives for the last few weeks and we finally have a replacement. We'll be sending those out to people attaching their Peeple to glass. Let us know (you can email us at if you're attaching your Peeple to glass and we'll send you out some of the new stuff asap.
  • posted Just got my Peeple all set up here as well! Looks great!

    Is anyone else using Peeple on a glass door? So far, I am finding that the included 3x adhesive dots are not strong enough for prolonged use. It tends to fall every 12 hours or so. I assume, using "more" dots would work.

    Good news... the Peeple is standing up well to dropping from 3-5 ft onto a hardwood floor. :)
  • posted I just got my Peeple. It's charged. The monster peep hole is installed. The packaging looks professional and very well done. The device looks very sleek. The instructions are easy and the app seems straightforward. I am disappointed that I can't see who is at my door, only who was at my door. I backed the kickstarter because my office is in my basement and I need to know who is at the door not who was at my door. It looks like I'll be keeping my Presence camera set up in my front window aimed at my front door. I'll be honest, at the moment I'm not seeing the usefulness of this device. I'm kickstarter backer #539
    • Jesse J I strongly agree with this. With the Peeple installed over the peep hole, it's impossible to see who is outside your door at this very minute. I mean, you COULD detach it from its magnetic mount, but that round plastic bit attached to the door makes it rather awkward and uncomfortable to use the peep hole.

      Right now my Peeple is sitting on my desk, and I have a very very expensive monster peep hole. Keeping a close eye on so hopefully it's eventually useful for my desired purpose. I hope the update associated with that Trello ticket lets you look at the Peeple *any* time and not just when it detects a knock, because I have a door bell :P
    • Adam Dylla I am having this exact sentiment, except that I don't have a fallback. We have been waiting for the device since we heard about the kickstarter. My wife and I only ever see us opening the door and already inside our house. We have yet to see someone walking up to our door on video.
  • posted We experienced an internet outage yesterday around noon central time. We were out for about 2-3 hours, but we're back up now. You can read more about the cause here: