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  • posted So eight months later... it looks like I've basically bought myself a $170 monster peephole. No update on the Trello card for live view mode, which is what I'd originally backed the Peeple for in the first place. To be fair, the project never explicitly said they'd have that functionality... but when you talk about attaching a camera to a peephole... that's kinda what one might expect.

    Also, the alleged "doorbell accessories" (see project FAQ on KS) have yet to materialize -- not even on the roadmap yet! -- and simple bog-standard features like being able to manually enter an SSID (for hidden SSIDs) or do-not-disturb schedules are still languishing in the to-do column.
  • posted I know, this product is the worst possible creation ever made. Yes, you suckered us. I will keep an eye on your name. Be happy you screwed us over.